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We value people, health, quality, transparency and the planet.

Pure Beauty

family foundation

The Cleanest Lab was built on the foundation of a family creating solutions for their own, inspired by the opportunity to share Pure Beauty solutions with the world.

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Redefining Clean

Pure Beauty

Welcome to the new age of beauty: Pure Beauty. Formulas backed by science designed for function.

Rooted in

From a Place
of Love

Sustainable Solutions

We choose ingredients based on purpose, efficacy, safety and environmental impact, not fear or marketing trends.

fact over fear

  • Saying yes to ingredients based on performance and safety, saying no to trends
  • We ban more than 1,600 harmful ingredients
  • Our 100% transparent ingredient panels disclose all fragrance allergens so you know exactly what you’re putting on your body
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Pure beauty

Adding Value

Our goal is to add pure moments to your daily life. Whether it's a moment of self-care, a confidence boost, a gift to a friend, a community. We hope you have peace of mind knowing you’re bringing non-toxic beauty into your home.


Let's do our part

True health encompasses our environments. We view sustainability as a necessity. We pledge to choose sustainable manufacturing processes, ingredients, and packaging components. We work diligently to minimize our carbon footprint and take care of our earth that has given us so much.