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A Candid Letter from our Founder, Samantha Kent

Ashley and Samantha Kent

What is clean beauty? I have no clue.

Retailers and consumers all have their own ways of defining ‘clean beauty’.

First came organic. Brands began toting ‘Organic’ in their name to make people feel that they were buying products that were good for them because they used high quality ingredients. Lawsuits ensued, consumers lost trust, and they had to come up with something new.

Next came natural. ‘All Natural’ was sprawled across the shelves even though there was no monitoring or regulation to prove or define what it meant. The public started to take notice. There were few, if any, ‘All Natural’ products on the shelves at the time. Just a whole lot of marketing.

This leads us to the Clean Beauty era. Once again, a lot of words and marketing but not much fact and science. Don’t get me wrong, this movement to clean is a great step in raising the bar for the beauty industry. Unfortunately, because ‘Clean Beauty’ is undefined it is once again it is often used as a hollow claim.

In February of 2022 my family had a shock.

We’ve spent a lifetime in the products business. We had always worked with partners that wanted to create high quality products, and that became our niche. We were not the largest manufacturing company, but we were producing the best formulas. My mom, Sheree, worked with industry leaders to pioneer 50%+ natural formulations long before it was trendy (the 90s and early 2000s). This was taken to a whole new level after my younger sister,  Ashley’s, diagnosis. In general, my way of showing care is taking action. I ran through a list of things that could be contributing factors to her Leukemia diagnosis. The toxic fragrance in lotions, the toxins spread each time she sprayed her aerosol styling products and home fresheners,or the toxic coloring absorbed into her bloodstream every time she did her make up. It is an endless list.

Not only was it difficult to see my sister have to change up her lifestyle, but it makes you think twice about what you can change within your own life. After purchasing my first home, I was already conscious about home cleaning products and ways to keep a healthy home. This, however, was a whole other level.

Fortunately, I was able to do something. I instantly began working with my mom and our team of chemists to create better solutions. We looked at everything through a new lens. A lens of safety, performance, and quality. We pushed the envelope of how we can formulate and produce products with cost being no limitation.

The Ultimate Sister Solution

When you have the ability to push the limits, you can create something better, something that will help change. We challenged our suppliers to push the limits as well. We did not create something great on the first try. We kept pushing and pushing until we finally were able to make something work. That was the Leave-In Conditioner+++. It is lightweight, silicone free, meets our standards and performs better than the #1 selling leave-in conditioner that we developed in our labs 10+ years ago. Next came the Shampoo and Conditioner. The conditioner functioned so highly, we learned you can use it as a full on hydrating mask, while the shampoo’s mild surfactant still had the power to clean.

So now, we are saying goodbye to ‘Clean Beauty’, and hello to Pure Beauty. The Cleanest Lab was created out of Pureness. Pure love, pure performance, and pure intent.

Our standards will not be like everyone else's because we are not like everyone else. Our promise is to create products that will be thoughtful and intentional. We will use the best ingredients that have the highest safety ratings (based on fact), the best performance (validated by real results), and that I would want to use on myself and my family.

I promise that in starting The Cleanest Lab we will produce products that I would feel safe using on myself and sister, fit real needs, and most importantly allow you to feel purely beautiful.

Written by Samantha Kent

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