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The TCL Standard

We set standards for the people we date, the food we eat, the friends we choose and the work we do. Perhaps one of our most important duties to our Cleanest Lab community and the environment is setting standards for the products we create. The TCL standard serves as a guide that encompasses all parts of the product creation process from initial ideation, formulation and fragrance selection, packaging selection, our manufacturing process, quality and safety control, and marketing choices.

Following the TCL Standard means creating lasting, timeless, intentional products that people feel good about choosing to use and bring into their homes.

The Cleanest Lab was created by Samantha Kent as a solution for her sister, Ashley. After starting chemotherapy, Ashley was experiencing severe sensitivity to the beauty products in her everyday routine. It was important to get the formula correct, to say the least.

Science + Performance

We have the luxury of working with our in house expert chemists with over 40 years of experience in hair and skin care formulation. Each ingredient we choose to use in our formulations is carefully chosen based on scientific research. When we finalized the formula for our first product, the Leave-In Conditioner +++, we were blown away by the performance we were able to achieve with a silicone-free formula. We had set the bar for the TCL Standard of formulation.  We promise to take our time creating new formulations with attention to safety and performance.


To take care of the earth and its incredible resources we use for our products we must enforce sustainable practices. To do so, we rely on fact based research and purpose based selection for sustainable ingredients, packaging solutions, and manufacturing processes. We choose partners that ethically source materials and share sustainable and safety conscious practices. All ingredients are quality tested in house and require supporting documentation.

Waste is a huge issue in the beauty industry. We work hand in hand with our partners to utilize unused components and minimize the amount of packaging that ends up in the trash. Packaging is selected with usability, design and sustainability, and availability in mind. Our bottles are 30% PCR plastic. We adhere to Carbon Neutral Standards of production and shipping with the goal to be certified carbon neutral after our first year in business.


The TCL Community deserves to know exactly what is in our bottles, and what they are putting onto their bodies. We adhere to EU labeling requirements to provide all the information on the product.  We only make claims that are validated by consumer panel testing and scientific documentation. We have banned over 1600 ingredients from ever being used in our products. We continue to update this list based on new research.

All Cleanest Lab products are proudly manufactured at a minority owned ISO Certified facility in Miami Lakes, FL. During the manufacturing process, we conduct strict quality control checks at each stage of the production process.


The beauty and lifestyle space is a dream to be a part of. There are so many creators, mavens, and companies providing impactful, helpful, and necessary improvements in the lives of consumers. Through our brand development and as we continue to build and grow we have discovered amazing companies that we believe have achieved our TCL Standard stamp of approval that we plan to support and share with our TCL Community.


Above all, we want to add value to your lives. Our brand began with a sister aiming to add value to her sister’s life by improving her new reality. Whether The Cleanest Lab brings you joy, ritual, solution, glamor, confidence, peace of mind, community or all the above, we hope that TCL can serve as a little bit of brightness in your daily life.

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