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What is the R₂H System?

Our signature R₂H System works to Retain, Revitalize, Hydrate your hair. Our R₂H System is a powerful complex of Vegan Keratin, Jackfruit and Bond Shield technology that repairs damaged hair, transforms texture, and drastically improves hydration.

Keratin is an essential building block of hair’s structure that is necessary to repair and fortify hair. It makes up more than 90% of the hair follicle. The primary function of the keratin cuticle is to protect the inner hair from damage such as chemical processing, heat styling, and daily maintenance. Traditionally, keratin used in hair care products is derived from animals.The Cleanest Lab keratin is derived from botanicals, so it is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and sustainable. Our unique Vegan Keratin is derived from common superfoods. The proteins from those superfoods smooth and hydrate the hair while protecting the hair from free radicals. It is important for us to consciously use science to find the most effective and ethical ingredient solutions because we believe beauty care products and a healthy planet can and should coexist.

Jackfruit is a powerful ingredient that promotes deep moisturization. Jackfruit hydrates the hair while providing anti-frizz properties. One reason we love using Jackfruit is because it provides vegan and sustainable functionality. Our Jackfruit is extracted from upcycled waste from the commercial food industry that would otherwise go to waste. The Jack Tree is a fantastic sustainable resource because it regenerates itself yearly which reduces the need for replanting. Jackfruit Extract has film forming properties that bind to the hair to protect hair strand from heat damage, promote healing, and provide long lasting hydrating and anti-frizz benefits.

Our Vegan Bond Shield Science in our R₂H System works to protect the hair strand and prevent damage. ‘Bonding’ technology is a massive trend in the hair space. Many brands are promoting products with repairing and restorative bond technology.  We have chosen to take a preventative approach rather than a restorative approach. Our Vegan Bond Shield creates a protective cuticle around the hair to prevent damage and breakage from heat styling. Heat styling strips moisture from the hair leaving it brittle and dry. The TCL Vegan Bond Shield offers protection by making the hair follicle less porous to prevent protein loss and promote health.

Our signature R₂H system will transform your hair when used regularly. The products work together to deeply hydrate, smooth, defrizz, and protect the hair strands making hair more manageable. You will find your hair becomes easier to style and your natural hair will look and feel much healthier. It works for all hair types and is safe to use on color treated and chemically treated hair. Be prepared for endless hair complements!

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